Hi. I’m a geoscientist, web designer, classicist, and photographer.

As a lifetime learner and avid reader I’m passionate about design, art, science, and history - when they meet, amazing things happen.

find me online

The Internet is a big place, but these are some of the locations where you can find me:

Varve Studios AGU The Planetary Soceity Instagram facebook twitter Goodreads LinkedIn

contact me

Drop me an email or reach me via facebook, twitter, or Varve Studios.

curriculm vitae

If you are looking for more resume styled information, please refer to my recently added LinkedIn profile.

member associations

I’m a member of the following fine organizations. Check them out and join if they support a subject that interests you:

what i am reading

Books - I love to read and whether technical or fiction, books are a great way to learn, get inspired, and explore. Here's my recent reads:

The Universe in a Nutshell War of the Worlds The War of Art The Tipping Point The Road Pale Blue Dot

Journals - For in-depth looks at my favorite subjects, peer-reviewed journals are an essential resource. I tend to focus on planetary science, archaeology, classical studies, and hydrogeology:

ICARUS Groundwater Geoarchaeology Journal of Archaeological Science American Journal of Archaeology Science

Comics - The combination of art, coloring techniques, and written work make comics a real source of creative inspiration. I enjoy classic silver age to modern graphic novels:

The Stone Keeper The Incredible Hulk Batman: King Tut´s Tomb X-Men Annual Amazing Spider-Man Cairo