Hi. I’m a geoscientist, web designer, classicist, and photographer.

As a lifetime learner and avid reader I’m passionate about design, art, science, and history - when they meet, amazing things happen.

find me online

The Internet is a big place, but these are some of the locations where you can find me:

Varve Studios AGU The Planetary Soceity Instagram facebook twitter Goodreads LinkedIn

contact me

Drop me an email using the form below or reach me via facebook, twitter, or Varve Studios:

curriculm vitae

If you are looking for more resume styled information, please refer to my recently added LinkedIn profile.

member associations

I’m a member of the following fine organizations. Check them out and join if they support a subject that interests you:

what i am reading

Books - I love to read and whether technical or fiction, books are a great way to learn, get inspired, and explore. Here's my recent reads:

The Universe in a Nutshell War of the Worlds The War of Art The Tipping Point The Road Pale Blue Dot

Journals - For in-depth looks at my favorite subjects, peer-reviewed journals are an essential resource. I tend to focus on planetary science, archaeology, classical studies, and hydrogeology:

ICARUS Groundwater Geoarchaeology Journal of Archaeological Science American Journal of Archaeology Science

Comics - The combination of art, coloring techniques, and written work make comics a real source of creative inspiration. I enjoy classic silver age to modern graphic novels:

The Stone Keeper The Incredible Hulk Batman: King Tut´s Tomb X-Men Annual Amazing Spider-Man Cairo


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